When a roof starts to look stained or when moss and algae are visible on the shingles, homeowners may feel that their only option is to get a new roof. However, roofing experts don’t automatically recommend roof replacement unless shingles are missing or the roof is more than 25 years old. In other cases, it may be possible to renew the roof by cleaning it. The following are some of the top benefits of professional Roof cleaning Lakeland.

Getting Rid Of Algae

Algae on a roof is not just unsightly; it’s actually dangerous. Algae is a living thing that needs to feed in order to survive, and what it feeds on is the limestone filler common to most roof shingles. As the algae multiplies, it will gradually destroy the shingles. Another problem algae causes is an increase in the amount of UV radiation that penetrates the roof. This heats up the house and increases electricity bills in the summer. Professional roof cleaning, however, can get rid of algae and all the problems it can cause.

Preventing Damage To The Roof

Having a roof cleaned on a schedule is a form of preventive maintenance. By getting rid of algae, dirt, and grime before they become a problem, the roof will stay in better condition. Whether roof cleaners use biodegradable chemicals or pressure cleaning Lakeland, a regular cleaning will make the shingles last longer and keep the home in better condition.

Improving A Home’s Appearance

People don’t necessarily pay a lot of attention to the roof when they look at a house, but getting the roof cleaned always makes a noticeable difference in a home’s overall appearance. Washing away stains can really brighten the appearance of a roof and enhance a home’s curb appeal. Other home improvements will look even better with a new-looking roof overhead.

Saving Time And Money

Some homeowners attempt DIY roof cleaning, but most of them end up spending far more time and money than they thought they would. In addition, an amateur may not be able to do a professional-quality job. Experienced roof cleaners are able to work quickly and efficiently, and they also know how to get the job done right the first time.


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